Rugby Players Get Wet at Lane 4 Stockton!

Lane 4 Stockton welcomes our first local team, the Stockton Sharks u/16’s to our pool for their weekly water session this pre-season.

Stockton Sharks are a Junior Rugby League club based in Newcastle and their coach Laurie has been putting them through their paces with both dry and wet workouts at the Stockton Venue.

One thing he knows is it's not just about working hard in the weight room, doing long-distance runs and sprint workouts.

According to Venue Manager Kerre Burley “Football players who want to train hard and get better can train in the pool, too.”

 “Aquatic workouts can help a player from any discipline run faster, jump higher & ultimately improve performance.”

A sportsperson can improve their speed & leg strength by running in shallow water or jumping in deeper depths. Resistance provided by the water will help you build strength and explosive jumping power in your legs.

Swimming will improve muscle tone and upper body strength with ultimately interval training improving cardiovascular output.

One thing for sure, is the under 16’s are enjoying their 3rd week at the  Lane 4 Stockton venue with its ideal parkland and the 50 metre pool as a cool refreshing alternative training venue. We wish them well with their season and look forward to encouraging other local teams to take advantage of the Lane 4 Stockton venue.